Saturday, 31 October 2009

And So to the Bedroom!

No, not like that. Hey, knock it off!

Just joshin'. But we have been leaving the bedroom to itself because only we go in there so it's normal to keep the doors to one's bedroom closed to visitors, whereas the living room, kitchen or bathroom, not so much (the bathroom-- that would just be mean. But when the bathroom was decorated with silver plastic-sprayed shells and had a huge, jagged hole in the ceiling, I was tempted to ask guests to visit the pub nearby).

Currently the bedroom is a mishmash. It was bright yellow, which I quite like, but done in that infernal-- what is it called? Ragging, sponging? You know the look. Again, so very 1991. It had an appalling and huge fan in black and brass over the bed-- you look up and it's like some alien spacecopter descending. And the shelves were just 2 by 4s laying on some brackets. Those shelves were the best part. The bed is one I brought in a container from Canada-- yep, filled it up with Edwardian antiques which, while fine on their own, have no place in the mid-century modern home (what became of them is a subject for another post!).  Anyway, the bed is a metal four-poster, but pretty low-key. My husband put his foot down when I tried to turf it. So I just imagine it's Granny's -- the old lady in Tweety and Sylvester.

Well, I got crazy on the Net and found the most beautiful shelving unit ever. Sometimes you can find things from that neck of the woods that work perfectly-- because modernism has so many Asian influences. It's a kind of cube pattern using one or two long pieces which are heated and bent. Could be a 50s-style room divider too. Gorgeous. So my agreeable husband took down the planks along with the evil fan and in came this paragon among furniture. It's black, which niggled at me at first (especially since I ordered walnut), but then I pictured the room in pale green with black and pink accessories and all was well. Now, of course, we have to paint the room. Luckily B & Q will take your House and Gardens 1958 sample and mix it up just right.

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